Information & FAQs


All our CAD downloads are in AutoCAD 2000 format and are free from unnecessary layers, text styles, or anything else.

Where possible - all CAD data is to scale. For elements which naturally vary greatly in size (eg. trees) - we have scaled the elements such that the elements are slightly under 1 unit high. Simply bring the element into your CAD drawing and scale at cursor during the insert process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot remember my cad-blocks username and password!
If you are currently a cad-blocks subscriber - your username and password are stored at your Paypal account.
Log in to your Paypal account and go to 'Profile' ; 'My Money' and click to 'Update' 'My pre-approved payments'.
Click on ' Limited' and your cad-blocks login details will display under 'billing details'.