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Welcome to cad-blocks.co.uk! 

Say hello to our brand new design! Those of you who are familiar with our steelwork sites will recognise the design! We think it's a huge improvement! Just click on the menu button at the top-left to access our various categories.

For the first time - we've brought all our steelwork products into the same website. So you can now access United Kingdom, North American, European, Australian and South African steel sections, for free, right here!

At cad-blocks.co.uk - we subscribe to a whole new idea - free really means free! Some sites - free means you have to hand over an email address and create a password. Other sites - some data is free and the rest you have to pay for. At cad-blocks.co.uk all of our data is truly free and is presented in an easy format - allowing you to select the file you need quickly - with minimal interference! So you can breathe a sigh of relief - you've found the site you've been looking for. No registration and we don't want your email address (we don't know where it's been!) We do however want you to come back the next time you need a CAD block. Bookmark our site now!

All our downloads are in AutoCAD 2000 format and have been processed to ensure they are completely error-free and contain nothing but the necessary data to form each block - produced and processed by CAD professionals.

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