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Welcome to our Structural Tees Cut From UCs free CAD downloads page! Here you'll find all UK Structural Tees Cut From UCs steel sections described by the Steelwork Design Guide to BS5950-1:2000, Volume 1, Section Properties, Member Capacities, 7th Edition (also known as The Blue Book). All our CAD blocks are in AutoCAD format. Simply select a file you like, download and drag-and-drop into your drawing!

  • t_from uc001_406x178x118.jpg
    t_from uc001_406x178x118.jpg

  • t_from uc002_368x178x101.jpg
    t_from uc002_368x178x101.jpg

  • t_from uc003_368x178x89.jpg
    t_from uc003_368x178x89.jpg

  • t_from uc004_368x178x77.jpg
    t_from uc004_368x178x77.jpg

  • t_from uc005_368x178x65.jpg
    t_from uc005_368x178x65.jpg

  • t_from uc006_305x152x79.jpg
    t_from uc006_305x152x79.jpg

  • t_from uc007_305x152x69.jpg
    t_from uc007_305x152x69.jpg

  • t_from uc008_305x152x59.jpg
    t_from uc008_305x152x59.jpg

  • t_from uc009_305x152x49.jpg
    t_from uc009_305x152x49.jpg

  • t_from uc010_254x127x84.jpg
    t_from uc010_254x127x84.jpg

  • t_from uc011_254x127x66.jpg
    t_from uc011_254x127x66.jpg

  • t_from uc012_254x127x54.jpg
    t_from uc012_254x127x54.jpg

  • t_from uc013_254x127x45.jpg
    t_from uc013_254x127x45.jpg

  • t_from uc014_254x127x37.jpg
    t_from uc014_254x127x37.jpg

  • t_from uc015_203x102x64.jpg
    t_from uc015_203x102x64.jpg

  • t_from uc016_203x102x57.jpg
    t_from uc016_203x102x57.jpg

  • t_from uc017_203x102x50.jpg
    t_from uc017_203x102x50.jpg

  • t_from uc018_203x102x43.jpg
    t_from uc018_203x102x43.jpg

  • t_from uc019_203x102x36.jpg
    t_from uc019_203x102x36.jpg

  • t_from uc020_203x102x30.jpg
    t_from uc020_203x102x30.jpg

  • t_from uc021_203x102x26.jpg
    t_from uc021_203x102x26.jpg

  • t_from uc022_203x102x23.jpg
    t_from uc022_203x102x23.jpg

  • t_from uc023_152x76x26.jpg
    t_from uc023_152x76x26.jpg

  • t_from uc024_152x76x22.jpg
    t_from uc024_152x76x22.jpg

  • t_from uc025_152x76x19.jpg
    t_from uc025_152x76x19.jpg

  • t_from uc026_152x76x15.jpg
    t_from uc026_152x76x15.jpg

  • t_from uc027_152x76x12.jpg
    t_from uc027_152x76x12.jpg