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Welcome to our Hot Finished Circular Hollow Sections free CAD downloads page! Here you'll find all UK Hot Finished Circular Hollow Sections described by the Steelwork Design Guide to BS5950-1:2000, Volume 1, Section Properties, Member Capacities, 7th Edition (also known as The Blue Book). All our CAD blocks are in AutoCAD format. Simply select a file you like, download and drag-and-drop into your drawing!

  • hfchs01 26.9x3.2
    hfchs01 26.9x3.2

  • hfchs02 33.7x2.6
    hfchs02 33.7x2.6

  • hfchs03 33.7x3.2
    hfchs03 33.7x3.2

  • hfchs04 33.7x4.0
    hfchs04 33.7x4.0

  • hfchs05 42.4x2.6
    hfchs05 42.4x2.6

  • hfchs06 42.4x3.2
    hfchs06 42.4x3.2

  • hfchs07 42.4x4.0
    hfchs07 42.4x4.0

  • hfchs08 42.4x5.0
    hfchs08 42.4x5.0

  • hfchs09 48.3x3.2
    hfchs09 48.3x3.2

  • hfchs10 48.3x4.0
    hfchs10 48.3x4.0

  • hfchs11 48.3x5.0
    hfchs11 48.3x5.0

  • hfchs12 60.3x3.2
    hfchs12 60.3x3.2

  • hfchs13 60.3x4.0
    hfchs13 60.3x4.0

  • hfchs14 60.3x5.0
    hfchs14 60.3x5.0

  • hfchs15 76.1x2.9
    hfchs15 76.1x2.9

  • hfchs16 76.1x3.2
    hfchs16 76.1x3.2

  • hfchs17 76.1x4.0
    hfchs17 76.1x4.0

  • hfchs18 76.1x5.0
    hfchs18 76.1x5.0

  • hfchs19 88.9x3.2
    hfchs19 88.9x3.2

  • hfchs20 88.9x4.0
    hfchs20 88.9x4.0

  • hfchs21 88.9x5.0
    hfchs21 88.9x5.0

  • hfchs22 88.9x6.3
    hfchs22 88.9x6.3

  • hfchs23 114.3x3.2
    hfchs23 114.3x3.2

  • hfchs24 114.3x3.6
    hfchs24 114.3x3.6

  • hfchs25 114.3x4.0
    hfchs25 114.3x4.0

  • hfchs26 114.3x5.0
    hfchs26 114.3x5.0

  • hfchs27 114.3x6.3
    hfchs27 114.3x6.3

  • hfchs28 139.7x5.0
    hfchs28 139.7x5.0

  • hfchs29 139.7x6.3
    hfchs29 139.7x6.3

  • hfchs30 139.7x8.0
    hfchs30 139.7x8.0

  • hfchs31 139.7x10.0
    hfchs31 139.7x10.0

  • hfchs32 168.3x5.0
    hfchs32 168.3x5.0

  • hfchs33 168.3x6.3
    hfchs33 168.3x6.3

  • hfchs34 168.3x8.0
    hfchs34 168.3x8.0

  • hfchs35 168.3x10.0
    hfchs35 168.3x10.0

  • hfchs36 168.3x12.5
    hfchs36 168.3x12.5

  • hfchs37 193.7x5.0
    hfchs37 193.7x5.0

  • hfchs38 193.7x6.3
    hfchs38 193.7x6.3

  • hfchs39 193.7x8.0
    hfchs39 193.7x8.0

  • hfchs40 193.7x10.0
    hfchs40 193.7x10.0

  • hfchs41 193.7x12.5
    hfchs41 193.7x12.5

  • hfchs42 219.1x5.0
    hfchs42 219.1x5.0

  • hfchs43 219.1x6.3
    hfchs43 219.1x6.3

  • hfchs44 219.1x8.0
    hfchs44 219.1x8.0

  • hfchs45 219.1x10.0
    hfchs45 219.1x10.0

  • hfchs46 219.1x12.5
    hfchs46 219.1x12.5

  • hfchs47 219.1x14.2
    hfchs47 219.1x14.2

  • hfchs48 219.1x16.0
    hfchs48 219.1x16.0

  • hfchs49 244.5x8.0
    hfchs49 244.5x8.0

  • hfchs50 244.5x10.0
    hfchs50 244.5x10.0

  • hfchs51 244.5x12.5
    hfchs51 244.5x12.5

  • hfchs52 244.5x14.2
    hfchs52 244.5x14.2

  • hfchs53 244.5x16.0
    hfchs53 244.5x16.0

  • hfchs54 273.0x6.3
    hfchs54 273.0x6.3

  • hfchs55 273.0x8.0
    hfchs55 273.0x8.0

  • hfchs56 273.0x10.0
    hfchs56 273.0x10.0

  • hfchs57 273.0x12.5
    hfchs57 273.0x12.5

  • hfchs58 273.0x14.2
    hfchs58 273.0x14.2

  • hfchs59 273.0x16.0
    hfchs59 273.0x16.0

  • hfchs60 323.9x6.3
    hfchs60 323.9x6.3

  • hfchs61 323.9x8.0
    hfchs61 323.9x8.0

  • hfchs62 323.9x10.0
    hfchs62 323.9x10.0

  • hfchs63 323.9x12.5
    hfchs63 323.9x12.5

  • hfchs64 323.9x14.2
    hfchs64 323.9x14.2

  • hfchs65 323.9x16.0
    hfchs65 323.9x16.0

  • hfchs66 355.6x14.2
    hfchs66 355.6x14.2

  • hfchs67 355.6x16.0
    hfchs67 355.6x16.0

  • hfchs68 406.4x6.3
    hfchs68 406.4x6.3

  • hfchs69 406.4x8.0
    hfchs69 406.4x8.0

  • hfchs70 406.4x10.0
    hfchs70 406.4x10.0

  • hfchs71 406.4x12.5
    hfchs71 406.4x12.5

  • hfchs72 406.4x14.2
    hfchs72 406.4x14.2

  • hfchs73 406.4x16.0
    hfchs73 406.4x16.0

  • hfchs74 457.0x8.0
    hfchs74 457.0x8.0

  • hfchs75 457.0x10.0
    hfchs75 457.0x10.0

  • hfchs76 457.0x12.5
    hfchs76 457.0x12.5

  • hfchs77 457.0x14.2
    hfchs77 457.0x14.2

  • hfchs78 457.0x16.0
    hfchs78 457.0x16.0

  • hfchs79 508.0x10.0
    hfchs79 508.0x10.0

  • hfchs80 508.0x12.5
    hfchs80 508.0x12.5

  • hfchs81 508.0x14.2
    hfchs81 508.0x14.2

  • hfchs82 508.0x16.0
    hfchs82 508.0x16.0