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Welcome to our Universal Beams free CAD downloads page! Here you'll find all UK Universal Beam steel sections described by the Steelwork Design Guide to BS5950-1:2000, Volume 1, Section Properties, Member Capacities, 7th Edition (also known as The Blue Book). All our CAD blocks are in AutoCAD format. Simply select a file you like, download and drag-and-drop into your drawing!

  • ub001 1016x305x487
    ub001 1016x305x487

  • ub002 1016x305x437
    ub002 1016x305x437

  • ub003 1016x305x393
    ub003 1016x305x393

  • ub004 1016x305x349
    ub004 1016x305x349

  • ub005 1016x305x314
    ub005 1016x305x314

  • ub006 1016x305x272
    ub006 1016x305x272

  • ub007 1016x305x249
    ub007 1016x305x249

  • ub008 1016x305x222
    ub008 1016x305x222

  • ub009 914x419x388
    ub009 914x419x388

  • ub010 914x419x343
    ub010 914x419x343

  • ub011 914x305x289
    ub011 914x305x289

  • ub012 914x305x253
    ub012 914x305x253

  • ub013 914x305x224
    ub013 914x305x224

  • ub014 914x305x201
    ub014 914x305x201

  • ub015 838x292x226
    ub015 838x292x226

  • ub016 838x292x194
    ub016 838x292x194

  • ub017 838x292x176
    ub017 838x292x176

  • ub018 762x267x197
    ub018 762x267x197

  • ub019 762x267x173
    ub019 762x267x173

  • ub020 762x267x147
    ub020 762x267x147

  • ub021 762x267x134
    ub021 762x267x134

  • ub022 686x254x170
    ub022 686x254x170

  • ub023 686x254x152
    ub023 686x254x152

  • ub024 686x254x140
    ub024 686x254x140

  • ub025 686x254x125
    ub025 686x254x125

  • ub026 610x305x238
    ub026 610x305x238

  • ub027 610x305x179
    ub027 610x305x179

  • ub028 610x305x149
    ub028 610x305x149

  • ub029 610x229x140
    ub029 610x229x140

  • ub030 610x229x125
    ub030 610x229x125

  • ub031 610x229x113
    ub031 610x229x113

  • ub032 610x229x101
    ub032 610x229x101

  • ub033 610x178x100
    ub033 610x178x100

  • ub034 610x178x92
    ub034 610x178x92

  • ub035 610x178x82
    ub035 610x178x82

  • ub036 533x312x273
    ub036 533x312x273

  • ub037 533x312x219
    ub037 533x312x219

  • ub038 533x312x182
    ub038 533x312x182

  • ub039 533x312x151
    ub039 533x312x151

  • ub040 533x210x138
    ub040 533x210x138

  • ub041 533x210x122
    ub041 533x210x122

  • ub042 533x210x109
    ub042 533x210x109

  • ub043 533x210x101
    ub043 533x210x101

  • ub044 533x210x92
    ub044 533x210x92

  • ub045 533x210x82
    ub045 533x210x82

  • ub046 533x165x85
    ub046 533x165x85

  • ub047 533x165x75
    ub047 533x165x75

  • ub048 533x165x66
    ub048 533x165x66

  • ub049 457x191x161
    ub049 457x191x161

  • ub050 457x191x133
    ub050 457x191x133

  • ub051 457x191x106
    ub051 457x191x106

  • ub052 457x191x98
    ub052 457x191x98

  • ub053 457x191x89
    ub053 457x191x89

  • ub054 457x191x82
    ub054 457x191x82

  • ub055 457x191x74
    ub055 457x191x74

  • ub056 457x191x67
    ub056 457x191x67

  • ub057 457x152x82
    ub057 457x152x82

  • ub058 457x152x74
    ub058 457x152x74

  • ub059 457x152x67
    ub059 457x152x67

  • ub060 457x152x60
    ub060 457x152x60

  • ub061 457x152x52
    ub061 457x152x52

  • ub062 406x178x85
    ub062 406x178x85

  • ub063 406x178x74
    ub063 406x178x74

  • ub064 406x178x67
    ub064 406x178x67

  • ub065 406x178x60
    ub065 406x178x60

  • ub066 406x178x54
    ub066 406x178x54

  • ub067 406x140x53
    ub067 406x140x53

  • ub068 406x140x46
    ub068 406x140x46

  • ub069 406x140x39
    ub069 406x140x39

  • ub070 356x171x67
    ub070 356x171x67

  • ub071 356x171x57
    ub071 356x171x57

  • ub072 356x171x51
    ub072 356x171x51

  • ub073 356x171x45
    ub073 356x171x45

  • ub074 356x127x39
    ub074 356x127x39

  • ub075 356x127x33
    ub075 356x127x33

  • ub076 305x165x54
    ub076 305x165x54

  • ub077 305x165x46
    ub077 305x165x46

  • ub078 305x165x40
    ub078 305x165x40

  • ub079 305x127x48
    ub079 305x127x48

  • ub080 305x127x42
    ub080 305x127x42

  • ub081 305x127x37
    ub081 305x127x37

  • ub082 305x102x33
    ub082 305x102x33

  • ub083 305x102x28
    ub083 305x102x28

  • ub084 305x102x25
    ub084 305x102x25

  • ub085 254x146x43
    ub085 254x146x43

  • ub086 254x146x37
    ub086 254x146x37

  • ub087 254x146x31
    ub087 254x146x31

  • ub088 254x102x28
    ub088 254x102x28

  • ub089 254x102x25
    ub089 254x102x25

  • ub090 254x102x22
    ub090 254x102x22

  • ub091 203x133x30
    ub091 203x133x30

  • ub092 203x133x25
    ub092 203x133x25

  • ub093 203x102x23
    ub093 203x102x23

  • ub094 178x102x19
    ub094 178x102x19

  • ub095 152x89x16
    ub095 152x89x16

  • ub096 127x76x13
    ub096 127x76x13